Central California Intelligence Center


Protecting society through shared information and communication

The State Threat Assessment System (STAS) helps safeguard the communities of California by serving as a dynamic security nexus comprised of the State, four Regional and a major urban area Fusion Center.  The STAS assists in the detection, prevention, investigation and response to criminal and terrorist activity, disseminates intelligence and facilitates communications between state, local, federal, tribal agencies and private sector partners, to help them take action on threats and public safety issues. The STAS is a key component of California's Homeland Security Strategy.




Privacy and Protection of Civil Liberties

The STAS is designed to focus on sharing information collected in the ordinary course of business in connection with possible illicit, illegal, and suspicious activity.  The STAS refrains from investigating or reporting on First and Second Amendment activity unless such activity is illicit or illegal or poses a threat to public safety.  STAS personnel who encounter or handle any United States person information shall do so consistent with federal regulations, state statutes and guidelines. The STAS adheres to the agreed statewide privacy policy, which has been approved by the  U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as each STAS component.  Civil liberties and the privacy of citizens of the state are considered paramount in all matters.





Foster a collaborative effort to enhance the reporting, tracking, analysis, and assessment of criminal threat information and suspicious activity.


Produce and share timely and actionable homeland security information.


Enhance the safety of the citizens of California, while rigorously protecting their privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.